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San Diego Rock n Roll

San Diego Rock n Roll


I have almost 4 months to train to run in this 13.1 mile race. I have pledged to raise $4,100, and I know I can do it. I know that I have tons of friends who would be able to donate something, because even $10 gets me that much closer to my goal. I hope I have no problem raising donations, but you never know in this economy. I’m hoping people will realize what a great cause this is, and open their hearts and wallets.


A small portion of the $4,100 goes towards my accommodations – airfare to San Diego and a hotel room. The cool thing is, Team in Training handles all of the travel arrangements for me.

One of the best parts about all of this is that it’s such a personal challenge for myself. Running long distances is definitely not my strong suit, so this is going to push me in ways I cannot even imagine. I know my fitness level is going to increase tremendously, and I can’t wait to see how much better I’m going to feel. Not to mention the weight this training schedule is going to help me lose!

I know that I’m about to do something that is going to be a life-changing experience for so many reasons. I also see this is an opportunity to honor my dad and Julie’s dad as well as the others that have blood cancer.

Please visit my fundraising page to help me reach my goal. Or you can email me at shalama@hotmail.com.