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Long lines, impatient people, security guards, police officers and some good deals were all to be had for anyone who was out for a good deal early Black Friday morning.

Our experience began at Toys R Us but didn’t last long when looking at the long line stretched through the Tallahassee parking lot. We left there and went to WalMart at midnight in hopes of trying to beat the long lines. We were able to get the items, including the 5-11 am shopping deals in our basket.

WalMart shoppers getting comfy during Black Friday shopping

The scene around WalMart varied depending on what you were there to purchase. Those wanting the deals on laptops received numbers near the lay-a-way to avoid people from being hurt and trampled on. Then there were a number of shoppers including ourselves that pulled down folding chairs to make themselves as comfortable as you can in the store. There was no where else to go for the next five hours. But as 3 am began approaching, so did a number of shoppers. The quiet store began to buzz with shoppers weaving through the aisles and sections. By 4 am shoppers had began staking out the items they were looking for and standing alongside in hopes of being able to snag the item before it was gone.

After a number of Nintendo DS Lites were taken out of the saran wrap cases, WalMart staff were stationed there to ward of the hands of shoppers.  But at 5 am, you were either waiting for the 5 am sales to be released or you were standing in the line at the cash register. The lines were long but the over night wait made it worth while.