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If their images don’t capture your attention, their stories will.

Michael Nye has captured stories of individuals and families who have been affected by mental illness and hunger in his Fine Line: Mental Health/Mental Illness and About Hunger exhibits. Both exhibits allow you entry into worlds that will leave you forever changed.

Young girl listening to story in About Hunger exhibit.

I first had the opportunity to meet Michael Nye when the South Carolina Hospital Association brought his Fine Line exhibit to Columbia. He was so enthusiastic about stories – those in the exhibit and those that are continuously shared with him. I met Michael again at The Witte in San Antonio where his About Hunger was on display.  Similarly to what I saw in Columbia, children and adults were enamored with each story. One woman who walked through the exhibit with her family said, “We are so lucky with what we have.”

It is true. The things we possess and who we are can be changed within the blink of an eye.