my dad

I believe that birthdays are special. It is your day. And today is my dad’s day. He would have turned 60 if he were still alive.

So, today is bittersweet. I am grateful for his short life. But at the same time I am reminded of the decisions I was left to make two years ago.

I learned a lot of lessons in 2008 and one that I share with people over and over again. One of them is that it is important to have health care advanced directives to give somebody the ability to make health care decisions that you would want. Another is that even when you know what a person wants, it doesn’t make the decision any easier. Words can not express the struggle I went through and continue to go through today.  But I did what he would have wanted.

Although the last two years have been extremely hard, I do have good memories. My dad was a good father to me and my lil brother. So, today I celebrate his life and honor his memory.