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September 23 is an important date in health care and for health care reform. If you care about health care, you will care about September 23, 2010. Why? It is the date that many health care reform changes begin.

Expanded Coverage for Young Adults. Young adults may stay on or come on their parents’ health plans up to age 26.

Coverage of Preventative Health Services. All new group and individual health plans must provide first-dollar coverage for preventative services, including immunizations; preventative care for infants, children, and adolescents; and additional preventative care and screenings for women.

Small businesses will be eligible for new tax credits to offset their insurance premium costs. Small employers with no more than 25 employees and average annual wages of less than $50,000 may claim a tax credit for the cost of providing health insurance to their employees.

Pre-existing condition limitations for children. Families with children who have chronic health problems or other preexisting medical conditions can no longer be turned down by coverage by an insurance company.

Limitations on Recession. All health insurance plans are prohibited from canceling coverage once an enrollee is covered under a plan except in cases of fraud.

Limitations on Annual Benefit Limits. Plans may no longer establish lifetime limits on what their plans will pay in benefits.