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Sen. Joel Lourie speaks to South Carolina Hospital Association LEAd liaisons

What’s the best way to reach your elected legislator? Is it an email, phone call or traditional handwritten letter?

Today, I had the opportunity to hear from Sen. Joel Lourie who spoke to some of the South Carolina Hospital Association’s grassroots advocates. He stressed the importance of advocacy and how it can be a powerful network of individuals.

Sen. Lourie gave some tips for effective grassroots advocacy:
1. Write a letter. Not an email.
2. Tell your legislator exactly where you live. It’s rings home when they know you are from their district.
3. Stay away from a form letter. Give your letter some thought and share those.
4. Develop a relationship with your legislator.
5. Call or write to say thank you after a vote.
6. Call or write and share your thoughts even if the vote doesn’t go the way that you want.

During my involvement with several different organizations, I have heard how important it is to write a letter or make a phone call. Sen. Lourie reinforced that today.

“We are facing the most difficult time we’ve ever faced,” he said. “Your network of advocates are a powerful force.”