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Last summer I knew I needed to do something different. I decided that I was done relaxing my hair and watching it continue to be unhealthy. Something had to give.

At the end of June I did a lot of researching on the Internet to find ideas on what I could do myself. After hours and hours of blog posts and YouTube videos I had an answer…work towards relaxer free hair and start by using kinky twists to guide me through the transition.

I have been on this journey, watching my hair change and become healthier for the past eight months. The has been masked with a protective style to avoid the dramatic change of big chopping all of the relaxed hair and winding up with very short hair.

But over the weekend while I was in Target I was challenged to take the next step by a woman who was looking at Shea Moisture and Miss Jessie’s products. We talked about her journey during the past year and where I am at eight months in. She challenged me to move from the long transition and “just do it.”

After much consideration, I am going to do it. I know the time is right after going to CurlyNikki today. It’s as if the Grow-Out Challenge was an affirmation that I need to take this challenge and the woman’s in the store. So, the next time I take these twists out in February, I will finish removing the relaxed ends.

It’s been an interesting eight months as I have been learning about my hair, products and styles. I look forward to what the next part of my journey will be like. What kind of journey will you be taking this year?