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For the past few two weeks I have been captivated by the images and stories coming from Egypt. One of the things that has me glued to my computer screen is how the world is dramatically changing right in front of our eyes.

It’s not what you typically expect from the Arab part of the world until recently with Tunisia and now Egypt. Could a demonstration or protest with thousands happen in the United States? Yes. It does and has. But this is a part of the world where authoritarian leaders have kept used military force or other oppressive policies to keep change from happening.

However, a tweet, which directed me to Al Jazeera English caught my attention in late January and I haven’t been able to get enough of the revolution that impacts more than just the Arab world. I watched the first few days as people took to the streets to condemn the rule of President Honi Mubarak.

I watched night fall in Egypt while sitting at my desk in South Carolina. Thousands of people flowed into Tahrir Square from nearby bridges and streets despite curfews that were set by the government. Passionate about their beliefs and wanting change, Egyptians were demanding change. Change now. Not later.

They were willing to join their voices and take a stake in what they wanted. I’ve watched their faces captured by journalists from around the world. Each has its own story and why it is important to stand up for something they believe.  The latest images I have seen that are still as captivating are the juxtaposition of some of the businesses reopening while others have continued erected their tents to continue protesting in the Cairo square.

It’s amazing the strength people have when they are willing to take no more.