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While I was shopping last night in BI-LO for some oatmeal, I noticed new nutritional tags that are aimed at helping shoppers find items that meet their dietary needs.

Over the next several weeks, nutritional tags will be added to all BI-LO stores, providing shoppers with eye-catching color coded labels that identify nutritional benefits. The tags will be positioned beneath each item’s shelf sticker price.

Among the attributes that will be called out on the tags are Gluten Free, Organic, Sensible Carbs, Heart Healthy, Low Sodium, Whole Grain, Good Source of Fiber, Low Saturated Fat, Good Source of Calcium, Good Source of Vitamin C, and Good Source of Vitamin A.

“Nutritional tags are just one of the many programs BI-LO offers its customers to help them create positive habits in leading healthier lifestyles,” said BI-LO’s registered dietitian Monica Amburn. “These tiny additions to our store will help shoppers find foods that are just right for them, whether they are trying to eat healthier or need assistance managing specific health conditions such as diabetes or celiac disease.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the different tags throughout the store. I am working on improving my nutrition and increasing my cardio for a healthier me.

Since BI-LO is one of the few grocery stores that I shop, I am looking forward to seeing how I can incorporate these tags into improving my shopping choices. I’ve never been the type of person that walks around the grocery store reading labels. There are multiple labels and you can never be sure what they mean.  Do you know what they mean?

You basically have to know what each ingredient means. Some are straightforward, like carrots. Some may seem straightforward, but are actually a way of hiding harmful ingredients the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know are in the product.

Since I know I will not become an expert on reading the labels, I will look at how the labels will help me as I work on reaching a healthier me.