My head is so full of great ideas following my South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive experience. I am excited to bring back those ideas back to the hospital association and our hospital members so that we can apply them where they fit.

This year was the first time I had the opportunity to attend SXSW. The drive to attend was the addition of the Health Track, which had a diversity of health topics. Some of the sessions included:

Working at a non-profit organization, I am continuously trying to figure out how we can contribute to the community and conversation in health care using social media. Being in Austin this past week gave me plenty of different ideas on how we can take things we are doing and extend that communication and information. We have an opportunity to help serve and improve the public health of South Carolina as well as find avenues to assist our hospital members in using social media for more marketing purposes.

But in addition to those health related sessions, there were hundreds of others covering every angle of the communications including writing, web design,  and mobile technology.

Attending SXSW is a surreal experience. The air in Austin breeds connectivity, inspires creativity and exudes networking. You are surrounded by people who are connected digitally who are also looking at the future. It’s not about coming up with answers for today but looking towards the future so that we can have a better tomorrow. Health care has a real venue at SXSW because there is an easy connection between health care and technology.

I’m looking forward to putting things into practice so that next year I can share with people I met and people I will meet how successful we have been. If you were there, what did you take away from your experience?