Did you receive an email like this from LinkedIn earlier this year with a similar subject: “Shalama, 28 connections changed jobs in 2010.

If you did, it could be one of the best networking opportunity emails you’ll receive all year. I am a firm believer of following the advice about staying in touch with and taking full advantage of my networks. I try send out quick emails or a handwritten note as a hello. It’s not because I need or want something. It’s just to keep in touch.

I tucked this email away for a rainy day. It did get me thinking on how I can incorporate this email for better use.

Here are three ways I have began using it:

  1. Congratulations! Send your connections a personal email on LinkedIn acknowledging their job change and wishing them success in their new position this year.
  2. Write a recommendation for one or more people whose work you admire. But before you write it, email them, tell them what you want to do and ask if there’s a particular aspect of their work they’d like you to comment on.
  3. Opportunity to reconnect. There are people on this chart that I haven’t connected with in a while. I plan on touching base and their job change is a perfect chance to do so.

I’ve started. How do you plan on reconnecting with people in yours? Are we connected on LinkedIn? If not, I’m http://www.linkedin.com/in/shalamajackson.