LinkedIn added a new feature called InMap that enables you to visualize your LinkedIn connections, how they are connected and to identify gaps in your network. And in my case the map might look like a jellyfish to outsiders, but in reality it’s an opportunity for me to examine the detail of my contacts and their interconnectivity. Mine is here:

Each colour represents a distinct group within my professional network. The graph lets users see where their connections’ networks overlap and identify areas that might be underrepresented. When I “eyeballed” it, I was immediately able to classify a few of the sub-graphs:

  • Orange are the people I currently work with in health care.
  • Blue and Green are the people that I worked with as a reporter both in South Carolina and Texas.

Go to http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com, log in with your LinkedIn user name and password and it should then create a nap showing the connections between the people in your LInkedIn network.

My LinkedIn map looks like a jellyfish. What does yours look like?