How many of you went natural and a few of your friends decided to give it a try once they saw your results? Or went natural with a friend to help make it through the process?

It’s not surprising if you did or do. Many women seem to gravitate towards other women with similarities, if nothing more to show signs of giving a hair compliment.

I put my first set of kinky twists in Fourth of July weekend. A few weeks later, a friend came to town with her kinky twists and shared that she was going natural too. Excited about the opportunity to share this journey with someone, I shared the latest YouTube videos I watched and the products I decided to try, my favorite being Yes to Cucumbers conditioner.

Do you have a natural hair friend, cousin, or sister that is along the journey with you? I did until about a month ago when she decided to relax her tresses and cut it into a short style. Is there a benefit to have someone along the process?