I’m not the kind of girl that has to have all of the latest gadgets and trinkets. But I do like the a few specific ones here and there. And lately, I have been yearning for a tablet.

I’ve actually had a bad case of the wants since my trip to SXSW in March. It was the mecca for all types of mobile devices including the new iPad 2, which was sold at a popup store outside the convention center.

Envious of all iPad and other tablet holders, I checked out the Samsung Galaxy tablet in the Bloggers Lounge and thought that would be the way to go. But after nearly a week with the Xoom, thanks to Robin Blackwood at JDPR and Verizon Wireless, I’m not so sure which of the two tablets I would prefer.

One of the first things I did was download the applications that I use regulary to see how they looked and worked. I have a Droid phone and expected some to look and function similarly to it.

The applications I use in my daily routine include Tweetdeck, Facebook, WordPress, Gmail, and the calendar.

With Tweetdeck, I loaded several columns and lists that allowed me to easily scroll across and see the timelines. It was also very easy to add columns, lists, and search. The columns are very important since I have my own streams as well as for the South Carolina Hospital Association.

Facebook was like using the application on my phone, which made it easy and quick to use.

WordPress was an interesting experience. It was relatively easy to type content into the application, but a little difficult to jump into the middle of a graph to add or edit content. That could be partially because I am not completely use to a full touch screen. I typically slide the keyboard out on my phone to send a text message. However, I did like being able to view the posts, comments, and pages of my blog.

While a tablet will not replace my laptop, I am impressed enough to seriously consider purchasing one before travelling back to SXSW in 2012.