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Brer Rabbit statue

Ever read an Uncle Remus story? Or heard of Brer Rabbit?

An unique sign for the Uncle Remus Museum caught my attention driving along Highway 441 in Eatonton, Georgia. For almost two years, I drove by the sign and museum wondering what it was all about. During my last round trip to Tallahassee, I decided to stop and explore the area. Low and behold, I found a treasure along the way.

The Uncle Remus Museum

Hidden in Turner Park, the Uncle Remus museum holds a treasure of history from the antebellum days. You can find mementos, wood carvings of Harris’ creatures and other personal effects of the author.

Eatonton is the birthplace of Southern writer Joel Chandler Harris. Harris took stories he heard from elderly slaves as he was growing up and preserved them on paper in his series of Uncle Remus books.

The museum is hosted in a log cabin made from slave cabins of Putnam County. Turner Park, which is three blocks south of the courthouse, was part of the origingal homestead of Joseph Sidney Turner, the “Little Boy” in the tales of Uncle Remus.