I’ve never really thought of myself as a girly girl. But when it came to baiting a hook to fish with my godson, “Ewwww!”

He’s been talking about wanting to learn how to fish. His grandfather, who does fish, lives in Baltimore so that option is out. So, I signed us up to do the Fishing 101 class that the Department of Natural Resources holds.  We learned about fishing equipment, how to cast and how to tieing the palomar and improved clinch knots.

After all the lessons done, all of the families drove down to the fishing holes. With the first hook baited with a live cricket, my godson cast the line into the water. Our eyes were sharp on the bobber waiting for a fish to pull it under the water. It only took a minute before the bobber suddenly did a jig. Words can’t explain the excitement that dancing bobber caused in us. A few times, the fish got away. But after trying a couple of different crickets and even a worm, we got one. He reeled it in. All proud with his accomplishment only spurred him on for wanting more.

While that is all said and good, each time the line had to be cast in the water, it needed bait. So the question became, “crickets or worms?” I definitely didn’t want to bait it with a live cricket or worm. And he didn’t want to bait it either. So, where does that leave us?

Thank you to the staff of the Department of Natural Resources because they were able to help us. The problem becomes what happens the next time we go out. I’ve told him that we can go back out and that I will get him a rod so that he can practice some more. I know I am in trouble and will have to suck it up.

Have you ever been fishing? Do you use crickets or worms?