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SCHA President & CEO Thornton Kirby in his office

There’s no doubt the importance of wellness and prevention in addressing the growing burden of chronic disease, especially in the workplace. And at, the South Carolina Hospital Association, we have implemented wellness programs for employees with some incentives to promote participation.

In the three years that I have been at the association, I have watched as we have asked hospital members to commit to this and that program as well as agree to participate in the latest initiative that will improve the health of South Carolinians. But because of the pure nature of basically all of the programs and initiatives, the association can’t participate in them itself because many of them deal directly with patient care. However, workplace wellness is one thing that we could do.

And we have. Since launching the Working Well initiative last year, exercise classes have been and continue in the building, we have worked with caterers to provide healthier options and served as a delivery site for a seasonal CSA program, which allowed for locally fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered for participants.

A number of staff members are also doing a variety of things including running, walking and cycling. Staff have signed up together to participate in community walks and runs also.

And it’s just the beginning.

What have you tried to incorporate wellness into your workplace? How’s it going?