It’s getting colder and colder outside. And without a doubt that means getting the right things together to ensure that I can and will still run outdoors during the winter months.

No, I do not live up north or in the midwest where I will be confronted by inches or feet of snow. But I still will have to deal with COLD. So, with the right preparation, running through the winter won’t be so horrible and will allow me to train for early 2012 races. Things I need more of or to get in general

1. Gloves to keep my hands warm. A good pair of running gloves will be important. I am hoping to find a pair that has a windproof outer layer and nice layer inside.

2. Running tights. I have a pair of BCG at Academy Sports that keep me absolutely warm. I can wear them alone or under a running skirt/shorts.

3. Long sleeves and jacket. I have a couple of BCG tops but need more for my base layer.

4. Headband. I know I will be covering up the ears. Having cold ears is just as bad as having cold hands.

5. Stock up on hot chocolate. It may be the best post run hydration tool, along with a peanut butter sandwich.

What are your winter must haves?