Staying safe while running should be a priority for new runners and veterans alike. Too often we get into our running grove and can make mistakes that could cause us harm. I’ve assembled 5 running safety tips:

5. Always carry identification with you. You can purchase RoadID bracelet or VITAband to wear.

4. Always run facing traffic. This allows you to see oncoming cars and allows drivers to see you as well. If you’re running in a group, please don’t take an entire lane of traffic.

3. Maintain high visibility. If you run at night or early in the morning before sunrise, you should wear a reflective vest and other bling bling that is reflective so everyone can see you on the road.

2. Switch up your routine. Do not run the same routine day after day. When we run the same route, or the same two routes, day after day, it only makes us easy targets for stalkers, we also have a tendency to zone out.

1. Don’t run with music. I know, for some it’s impossible. If you feel you must run with music, either run with only one ear bud or turn the volume down low so you can hear approaching vehicles or someone speaking.

I personally run with one ear bud in, which allows me to hear the music and the world around me. I spent time this winter running without music to become familiar with my breathing and listening to the way my body works together.

So, there you have it. 5 running safety tips. Do you have specific running safety tips that you would tell fellow runners?