In my quest to get stronger and faster I’ve been incorporating hills in some of my runs each weekend. Incorporating hill repeats, for me, is a necessity.

In the past I’ve generally avoided hills like the plague. I had no real desire to climb them. Now that I want to get stronger and faster I know that one way to do this is to push myself when my muscles are a bit fatigued so that they get used to the idea that they still have to perform when they would rather sit back and have a glass of wine.

This weekend’s hill repeats weren’t all that bad. They weren’t easy, but they weren’t horrid.

On Saturdays, the Black Girls Run! Columbia running group runs a series of hills along a four mile course. There’s one hill in particular that never seems to end that I still haven’t managed to run all the way up just yet.

On Sundays, the group head out again on a different 2.5 mile course with rolling hills.

Each week I can feel that slight ache in my muscles telling me they are definitely being pushed. My muscles were getting stronger.

Bart Yasso explains why hills runs are key, and gives tips for tackling tough climbs.

Have you noticed any difference since you added hills to your running?