There is something about running with a group and being psyched about destination running events.

I know because I have just registered to participate in the 2013 ING Miami Half Marathon in January 2013. Yes, 2013! It is an entire year from now, but I couldn’t resist the urge when I found out that it will be an official Black Girls Run! event.

Heck, who could resist heading to Miami in January? Not this one. What is also kind of cool is that I have convinced at least one of the ladies in Black Girls Run! Columbia to register as well. It was just two months ago that Kareen looked at me crazy saying she was going to die when we got together as a group on a Saturday morning. Now, she has signed up for her first 5K in April and this half marathon with me next winter.

So, I am setting some additional running goals for 2012 to get me prepped for 2013. Or better yet, I will tweak the ones I shared at the beginning of the year. And I will also be working on a new list of running events that will hopefully help me achieve a PR in Miami.