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In just four days, I along with seven other co-workers from the South Carolina Hospital Association will be climbing walls like the one above as we participate in the Palmetto State O-Run in Florence.

For the past two month, we have been training for this 4-mile long obstacle course, located on 1,000 acres of wooded trails and uneven terrain, where we will run, climb, crawl and lift or flip objects.

Are we ready? Yes.

We’ve run with weights to replicate carrying a log, carried weighted bags for the jugs and done tons of push-ups to build upper body strength.

That’s the part I have thought about the most.

I’m not as worried about distance of four miles because I’ve been running about 16 miles a week. But upper body strength is not my thing. However, there are people on my team that are much stronger. I guess that is part of what makes this different than the half marathon and 10K that I will run in a few weeks. This will be a team effort and we will all bring our strengths together to get us to the finish line.

I am definitely nervous about scaling this 25 foot obstacle as much as I am about the 10 foot wall that we will have to get all members of the team over. But I keep telling myself, “No Pain. No Gain.” It’s just great that I have some of my colleagues to go through this process with.