Everyone runs into challenges at different points in their life. It’s how you overcome these obstacles that makes a world of difference.

That couldn’t be more true for me and my coworkers this past weekend. We trekked through four muddy miles in the woods to complete the Palmetto State O-Run.

Almost from the very beginning we jogged through mud to face 20 different obstacles that used every muscle in the body. But for every obstacle, there was an answer.

We worked together as a team to get over all of the obstacles that were placed in our way. How do you get over a wall that’s 10 feet tall? You come together to make a platform that creates the base to get over it.

You need to get from Point A to Point B? You divvy up the weight and move together as a team to get everything where it needs to be.

We scaled walls, carried logs, hoisted weights, went over and under logs, flipped tires and so many more things.

Every member of our two teams brought different strengths to the group, which helped in accomplishing each of the obstacles. When something seemed insurmountable, we strategized and figured out a way to get over it.

Completing the obstacle course is very representative of other things in life. We all focus on making sure that as individuals we complete tasks and achieve our goals. But there are times when it is necessary to ensure that a team goals are achieved.

While I am not sure that I am up and ready for the 2013 Palmetto State O-Run, I am definitely thinking about how this can transfer into other things in my life. As far as the race, I know that I will need to continue on building more upper body strength.