Ask a marathon runner if they put in much time on the track and most of them will tell you, “no.” Fact is that most people neglect the speed portion of training when getting ready for an endurance event.

I’ve even been a part of that. Well, until today.

While many people I know slept in this holiday morning, I agreed to get up and do what runners do – RUN! But after meeting the ladies of Black Girls RUN! Columbia at 6:15 a.m. for a lil three miler, I took it to the track.

The weather was perfect in my opinion.

There are many benefits of doing speed work including preparing my body to push a little harder and maintain a pace that isn’t always the same old comfortable pace I am use to on a typical distance run.

So, today I hit the track for 3X800. For all of you non-track geeks, that is essentially 3 half mile repeats with a recovery 400 in between. This was definitely one of the harder workouts I have done in a while.