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Some people run to shake off a stressful day or to forgive themselves for something sweet they have eaten, but today, National Running Day, everyday athletes around the world will run for the pleasure of celebrating together.

I love that runners get a holiday, and I love that we celebrate it by doing what we do best: lacing up and hitting the road, trail or treadmill.

I started my day off by running with the ladies of Black Girls RUN! Columbia. We kicked off the morning with a 5 a.m. run for the ladies that wanted to get it in before starting their work day.

I have never been up this early to run before today.  However, I did get it in.

This evening, I’ll join another group of ladies from BGR! Columbia to pound the pavement beginning at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

Whether you’re a runner or not, come on out and give it a shot. If you like it, that’s great. If you hate it, then you still tried.

Will you join me and the ladies of Black Girls RUN! Columbia?