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BGR! Atlanta ladies Val and Crys who jump started my aspiration

I’m not, but I am a wannabe. I want to join the Half Fanatics Club in 2013.

What’s that? The Fanatics is a running club where one can meet various levels by the number of races they complete or in as many states as they can in a short period of time.

It can be as simple as doing three half marathons in three months to qualify for the Fanatics, or doing 52 in a year to reach the highest level.

Right, like that would never happen—no one is that insane.

Yet, as of today there are more than 2,000 members in the Half Fanatics club. That’s quite a few people with obsessive-compulsive issues.

And let me admit right now, I am not in love with running long distances. Seriously. But I see this as a new goal that will be challenging.

I believe I can at least get in the Neptune level, which is three half marathons in 90 days. I am already registered for the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November and the ING Miami Half Marathon in January. I just need to find one to add in December and I will be golden.

I’ve been a little fanatic envious in the last several months do to the fact that my growing Black Girls RUN! family around the country seem to be crossing the threshold left and right.

I never thought that I would be aspiring to really set my sights on this type of goal.  I have said that I wanted to accomplish a full marathon by the time I turn 40, which is still two years away. I still plan on knocking that one down with my friend, Lyndsay. Where we’ll go to set this milestone? Not sure yet. I’ll decide that after achieving Fanatic status.

Are you fanatic about anything?