20120711-072643.jpgI officially kicked off my 10K and Philadelphia Half Marathon training on Sunday. I am preparing for these two races differently than I ever have before. I am writing it all down and following a training plan.

I’m taking the Oprah’s Lifeclass Journal I received several months ago and putting it to use. I’m keeping it simple. I will be keeping track of mileage and time, temperature, time of day as well as how I feel, route, and goals. I will also include any cross training that I do, so that I can have an overall picture of what I did.

I’m hoping that it will give me a better insight to how I progress.

My goal is to have my personal best 10K time in the Black Girls RUN! and AARP 10K Drive to End Hunger in Atlanta. I’d love to have a personal best in the half marathon as well, but I will be running with my cousin. This will be her first half marathon and I want her to have a good experience. Either way, I plan on being stronger and fitter than I ever have been for the dance to the finish line.

There are nine weeks until Atlanta and then another nine to Philly. While 18 weeks seems really long, I know they will fly by rather quickly. This will be the first time I really follow through on a plan. Let’s see how it goes.

If you run or workout, do you keep a log of your activities?