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There’s something to be said for keeping kids active and enjoying the summer. Sometimes you have to be creative. Sometimes it’s a matter of doing something they live. And sometimes, it’s finding a cool place with lots of other kids when the sun is blazing outside.

This past weekend has been a combination of the two. We first struck out at the park. No kids and a lot of sun and heat. So, we took refuge in Monkey Joe’s. It’s sort of an indoor kids paradise.

You jump, bounce, slide and climb around on inflatable air walks. How much fun is that?

My not-so-little one never has a problem making friends wherever we go, so he’s happy as can be.

One of the games to be played up, over and around the kids paradise – tag. Some of the kids even went way back to having each kid put their foot in a circle for them to figure out who was it. Here’s the rhyme they used, “eeny meeny miney mo, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollers let him go, eeny meeny miney mo.”

That rhyme brings back memories. Remember any others? How about, “bubblegum, bubblegum, in a dish, how many pieces do you wish?”

I guess of all the many games I used to play, this one will probably never go out of style.

Did you play tag? Which of the many rhymes did you and your friends and family use to determine who would be it? There are so many out there and probably more with the kids that came after me.