An AP!!!!

What is an AP? Who should have one? How should you pick yours?

As I was reading one of the group pages I belong to for running, I was reading about an AP. The first thing that came to mind was the Associated Press from my years as a journalist. It’s actually an accountability partner; it is someone you share a lot in common with, but more importantly, a person that is at or beyond your level fitness/wellness wise.

Up until about a month ago, I didn’t have one. But now it’s a different story. Today, I would say that it is Renita. She is also a member of Black Girls RUN! Columbia.

“If you have some wellness goals and need help staying on track, this is where your cautiously selected AP comes into play. They should currently be accomplishing their goals with little distractions and or external assistance. Your AP will be of no assistance to you if they cannot keep themselves on track. Their main responsibilities will include knowing what your current goal is and holding you accountable. Pun intended as they call you out for slipping on “your goals”. It is super fun and rewarding when both of you are working on similar goals. If not, you can still set up a check-in schedule to your progress. Accountability partner’s not only hold each other accountable for accomplishing their designated goals, but they also encourage you, lend an ear when frustration sets in, provide a reality check if necessary and also be your biggest cheerleader in all ways possible,” Shonda writes.

Having an AP is new to me and I would not trade her in for the world. We run together three-five days a week. I am currently training for a half marathon and although she is not, she is there with me step by step. I’ve been an accountability partner for others sort of by default. Members check-in with me and tell me what they are training towards. I do my best to help them get there.

Hence, make sure your AP can be trusted. After that, get in the groove of accomplishing your goals together. Remember, this is not a competition; rather it is a journey that may lead you all on varying paths.

Do you have an accountability partner?