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As a runner, I often think about how can I incorporate various forms of exercises to enhance and assist my body. Since I know that I do not like to stretch the way that I should after a run, I have turned to yoga here and there because I love the way I feel afterwards.

There is one problem, my mind always gets in the way. It’s not the complex poses as some might think. It’s trying to find that center and peace within. My mind is thinking about all of the things I need to do when class is over and what’s on tap for tomorrow’s workout. Am I the only one with a mind on throttle?

But knowing the benefits, I was extremely excited to see a Yoga for Runners session available at the Black Girls RUN! Conference in Atlanta. I went in with an open mind as always, but just minutes in when I am suppose to be clearing my mind and finding my center I wind up in the space thinking about a whole list of other things.

BGR! South Florida members and the instructor after our yoga session

I’ve read that if one focuses too much on the physicality and rigor of the practice, the yoga component becomes lost.  I guess I can understand that, but I will take what I can get from the class.

Although I couldn’t find a harmonious balance, I did get a great stretch and new things to incorporate on my own.

I know it is a matter of balance and beating myself up over trying to find that inner peace will defeat the overall purpose.

Do you yoga? Does your mind take over during yoga or have you found that harmonious balance?