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Running and I have a love hate relationship on many days.

I love the feeling if accomplishment when I am done.
I love that I have gone the distance, whether it is three miles, six miles or 13 miles.
I love that it just takes me and a pair of sneakers to knock it out.

And yesterday, I had more loves for running than hates. I accomplished one of my goals, which was a faster pace than just a few weeks ago. I completed a 12K just a few minutes shy of what I rocked out a hilly 10K in.

On top of that, the ladies of Black Girls RUN! Columbia also turned it out at the Ray Tanner Home Run 5K and 12K races. Each of the ladies that participated accomplished their personal bests. As an ambassador to the group, it is so gratifying to help and watch the women come together as they strive for a healthier version of themselves.


As for me, I will bask in the sunlight today for what I accomplished on Saturday. But come tomorrow, it is time to get back to work.

The gym or better yet, strength training and I need to become better friends than we have during the past few months. I am a stronger runner than I was six months ago, but I know I need to hit the weights.

I have two more big races already scheduled with goals I am eyeing. The first is about four weeks away, the Philadelphia (Half) Marathon. And the other is ING Miami in January.

So, cheers to the fall racing season.

What goals do you have set that you’re working towards?