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I love the water.

I gravitate to the water whenever possible. It can be a lake, waterfront or the beauty of the ocean. I will forgo lots of things to have the opportunity to be near the water and feeling the sun on my skin.

So, it only made sense in a recent trip to Beaufort, South Carolina, that I make my way to the waterfront area.

While along the waterfront, my friend Barbara and I made a bee line for one of the swings to feel the sun on our skin and enjoy the tranquility of a Sunday afternoon.

It was easy to lean back, close my eyes and just listen to the world around me. It was easy to hear the sounds of children laughing as they walked by with their families and a pick up game of soccer happening over my shoulder on the green grass between the restaurants and the water.

The water was blue and the sun reflected so easily almost making me think it was a warm summer day instead of early October.

The next day before heading back to Columbia, I decided to get one more dose of the water. We found a nice quiet location tucked off a main road with very few people.

The sky wasn’t as clear. Clouds were scattered through the sky with the sun trying to break through. For moments the sun would make its way through before being hidden again.

The few people enjoying the quiet morning, stood with their fishing lines cast into the water. With their hands on their poles, each temporarily took their eyes away from the ocean as we walked by.

“Morning,” said one man with a grey T-shirt and blue shorts. Others also followed suit along the way hoping for something to tug at their line.

I’m not a Pisces, but I am a summer child with this insatiable desire to be in the sun and near the water. There is something calming and cleansing about the water. The way it catches every reflection nearby is memorizing, leaving me with a sense of peace.

Does water do this to you too?