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Who says running can’t be fun?

Usually, me.

But Saturday changed that for a little while. I frolicked through the Color Me Rad 5K in Columbia finding our way through the streets being doused by colors of the rainbow.

It was fun to do a 5K with no chip timing, no watch, no fuel belt and no headphones.  The atmosphere was electric, upbeat, casual and just crazy.  At every turn we were pegged with corn starch color powder or drenched with color from volunteers packing hoses.

I enjoyed it for many reasons including it put of the business of training for my next half marathon off for one more day. But we returned to business on Sunday morning as me and my running partner slowly rolled through the streets of Columbia for our longest run to date, 12-plus miles.

Have you run a Color Me Rad or Color Run event? I’d do it again without a doubt.