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Everyday I think about how running has changed my life. Running and I have  good days, bad days and then there are just days.

During the past four years, I have gone from be someone that just randomly signed up for a half marathon I had no business registering for to someone that can kind of find some sense of peace when lacing up my sneakers for an afternoon outing in prep for the fall season of races.

My first half marathon was done in memory and honor of my father, Stanley Jackson Jr. and a dear friend’s dad, Dr. Preston Jones. It was the only thing that let me have time to myself without the reality of the world bombarding me. I trained but didn’t because I was the person that was slower than the group and felt very discouraged about being out there.

Since then, I have found a home in running with a great running family through Black Girls RUN!.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing and meeting some “distant relatives” in Philadelphia and Miami in the coming months.

So, yesterday while I was talking about my upcoming races I was surprised when Nike contacted me asking to use one of my tweets in their new running campaign.

It’s cool to have a company like Nike truly interact with their followers online. We know they interact with the super star athletes that they endorse, but here I am in Columbia, SC, just an average runner prepping for the races ahead and Voila!: