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To be a stronger runner, it takes more than running.

I think it is something we instinctively know, but sometimes forget when we are putting in the work.

Three weeks ago I started a new workout regiment that includes cross training with weights. At first I was a little hesitant because I was worried about the guys staring at me while I was pumping iron. But I decided to pop my Yurbuds in my ear and focus on my form and music.

I currently have eight more weeks on the current schedule before switching to something else. I can already tell some differences when I am lunging and squatting. I’m also already noticing some differences in my running. One test will come next week when I run the Philadelphia (Half) Marathon.

I’m on a new journey. The first was to incorporate running into my lifestyle. Now, it’s being a fitter and better me that also enjoys running and toning up. Everyday I get a jolt through the images and posts by Ripped Goddess. I’m not looking to go extreme, but striking a pose or two could be fun.