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Philadelphia Half Marathon

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I scored some additional hardware by running the Philadelphia Half Marathon yesterday. One of the coolest things is that I ran the race with my cousin Alleya. It was her first and at the moment her last half marathon.

Along the way there were also some cool sights like this




But no race I am run ing these days would be a race without the love and support of Black Girls RUN!. I know it first hand because of the ladies I run with day in and day out. But the ladies of BGR! Philly were also great. Between miles 12 and 13 my calf muscles in both legs decided they were cramping as I was passing a BGR! Cheer Squad. I was determined not to walk past them but within seconds of passing them I had to move to the side to try and stretch them out. Three ladies I didn’t know jumped across the street to massage my calf muscles, so that I could finish the race. Not sure what I would have done without them.



To me, Black Girls RUN! is much more than wearing a shirt.The shirt is something that helps us identify with one another across the country, but it doesn’t tell the whole story of who we are and what we are doing along this journey to a healthier lifestyle.