I know there are pluses to it. But ever since the temps have dropped and the days have gotten shorter, I can not seem to get up to run with the Early Birds.

The crazy thing is that I got up all summer long without fail to run with my running partner Renita three workday mornings. In addition to the scheduled 5 am runs, we even did a few mornings where we started out at 4:45 am.

It’s not the darkness that bothers me. It is leaving my warm bed for the cold 30 degree temps. I’ve heard some of the girls say that they sleep in part of their running gear, so that all they have to basically do is put on tights, shoes and socks or some combination. Umm. I have been meaning to try that.

In the fall and winter, I prefer to run in the evenings. The temps are cool and I can run out the kinks of the day. I am not as fresh as if I were to get up in the morning, but I can still get the job done.

I do hope to add one weekday morning run into my routine after the new year.

It’s not that I don’t do morning runs because Saturday mornings, I am all about it. I can be up and ready to run at 6 or 7 am with little trouble. I also have to wake up early for most races. But there is something about cool fall and winter weekday mornings.

Questions for You

When do you run? Are you and early bird or night owl? Do you have any tips to share about waking up early? Please share, I need all the tips I can get.