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Honey StingersAnyone who exercises regularly knows that nutrition before, during and after your workout is extremely important. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through an tough run only to hit the wall because you lack calories to see you through to the end.

And it is typically on long distance runs that I am much more conscious of this. I think about my nutrition and hydration. Should I carry water? Or should I have it stashed along the route? What type of nutrition will I consume?

So, in planning for my nine miles on Sunday I wanted to my favorites – Honey Stinger Chews. I love love love them. My favorite is the pomegranate followed by the pink lemonade. But I was out after the Philadelphia Half Marathon a couple weeks ago.

During my search at Academy Sports I was pumped to find all Honey Stinger products Buy One Get One free. With only a few Honey Stinger Orange Chews on the shelf, I decided to try out the Waffles as well.

During my morning run, I had the Orange Chews. They were good just like the others.

It was after logging 9.5 miles that I tore open a chocolate waffle. I must honestly say that it was good. I didn’t know what to expect, but pleasantly surprised. They seem like they would be good to eat any time regardless of need for energy. The waffles are very thin, not big and fluffy like you think of a regular, real-life waffle.

According to their website, the waffle is based on the Stroopwafel, or syrup waffle, which originated in the Netherlands. It’s two layers of baked batter with syrup, or in this case honey, between the layers. These are used frequently in Europe by cyclists as they fit easily into a cycling jersey pocket, taste great, and give you the energy and calories you need during long bouts of exercise.

I think I have found my complete choice – Honey Stingers. I had previously used others, but am going to stay with Honey Stinger Chews and Waffles until I get tired of them.

What type of nutrition products do you use for running or working out?