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I am ready to make my next big running purchase: a running watch. I know it is probably crazy to say that I have been running for some time without a watch, but I have.

So, now it is time to make the decision between Nike and Garmin.

I have been able to do it in part because I use the Nike+ GPS app on my iPod Touch. But earlier this year it started going bonkers. The total distance is off on many runs including in some races as well as when measured against any of my Garmin wearing running partners and when plotting it out on sites like Map My Run.

Since I know that it is off, I can’t depend on it or look to it as I continue on my journey of fitness.

I’ve been doing research on watches and pretty much have it down to two: the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS and the Garmin Forerunner 310XT although I have been told that the Forerunner 410 should be good too.

I am leaning towards the Garmin because it is a respected watch in the running community. A number of the ladies in my running group also run with one of Garmin’s watches. Most have the Forerunner 305 and run with no complaints. It’s a little computer on their wrist.

However, the Nike+ Sportswatch is a contender because I am very familiar with the Nike+ community. I love the interaction you can have with other people in the community. It’s also a smaller watch that can be worn day in and day out.

I’m ready to make the plunge. The watch will actually be a Christmas gift to myself. I’ve taken my running to a new level in 2012 with my endurance and consistency. I plan to keep going up from there with endurance and speed. I have my sights also set on being a Half Fanatic early in 2013 among other fitness goals. All of the fitness goals involve working the watch to amazing heights.

I wish there was a way to try out the watches before taking the plunge.

So, what watch do you use for running?