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I have learned about a lot of things about health care working for the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA).

The latest surrounds the issue of expanding Medicaid in the state, which is being met by severe resistance.

SCHA and other advocates are working to have legislators accept Medicaid Expansion in South Carolina. There are a number of benefits for the state including additional revenue into the state budget, additional jobs and decreasing the number of South Carolinians without health insurance.

Every South Carolinian with an income pays federal taxes to the federal government to support our nation’s health, infrastructure, military and other core programs. By refusing Medicaid expansion, we’re telling the federal government to keep those dollars and not inviting them home to SC to reduce our uninsured population.  We’re paying into a program, and not receiving the greatest benefit of the program.

Whether you agree or not, at least watch. Then do your own research before making your decision.