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Core Defender Meal

For the past week, I have been trying new Core Foods samples I received. They might seem small because they fit in your hands, but they fill you up easily.

CORE Foods are unique because they’re fresh bars made of five to seven natural ingredients. You can keep them in your freezer for up to six months or your refrigerator where they will last for up to a month. When you take them on the go, such as in your gym bag, they’ll stay fresh for up to a week. Although they won’t last that long after you try them.

The bars are raw, vegan, organic, gluten free and contain only natural food. They do not contain any preservatives. As a matter of fact, the package I received had an ice pack in it to keep the food fresh.

In the past week, I have tried all three before working out to see if this could be a good option for a healthy pre-workout meal.

Last Sunday, I ate the Almond Raisin before heading out for an eight mile run. I love oatmeal raisin bread and cookies, so I figured that even if I didn’t like it I could correlate it to things I do like. To my surprise, it was good.

I followed the instructions on the package and ate the bar with about 20 ounces of water.

directionsAs the package says, one CORE bar plus two glasses of water equals one bowl of oats- a full nutritious meal, only on the go.

The bar itself:

raw almond raisinI was impressed by the appearance of the bar. I could practically identify every ingredient: oats, raisins, flax, and ground spices.

As far as the flavor, it was better than any other meal bar that I have ever tasted. I am not really a fan of other bars that are on the market.

My favorite was actually the Walnut Banana bar. It reminded me of a slice of banana bread. I ate it before heading to the track for a speed workout and then a session of weights at the gym. It was filling and I didn’t get hungry for hours.

Overall, I am extremely happy I had a chance to try these. I will be purchasing more of the bars to use regularly especially with some of my 2013 fitness goals.

Would you be willing to try these bars? You can.

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Disclaimer:  I was sent three Defender Meals for the purpose of a review and was not compensated.  All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.