About This Blog

You’ll find me writing about health, fitness, running and the world around me.

  • Health: I work in a field tied to health care
  • Fitness: I am on a continous journey of improving my fitness in and out of the gym
  • Running: I am an avid runner with a few half marathons under my feet and a goal of running a full marathon in 2014
  • World around me: My little man that loves all things 9-year-old boys do, reviewing things I think are cool and interesting that I would actually use, and other things that cross my path.


I will accept requests for ads and the occasional sponsored post. It is my wish to maintain integrity and authenticity at all times and, therefore, will only support products/services that I can wholeheartedly endorse.


I appreciate working with companies that offer unique, innovative, and high quality products and services. To that end, I welcome personal email pitches regarding products and services that relate to the general interests on this blog. I will not review nor promote products and services without the opportunity to experience them personally.

If you are a company or a PR rep who would like to have a product reviewed and/or given away, I welcome an email from you. Please note that not all products received will guarantee a review. I provide objective, authentic, and creative reviews of products and services I can endorse. If the product does not meet my quality standards, I will not review the product.


Twitter: @shalamajackson
Facebook: facebook.com/shalama.jackson
Email: shalama@hotmail.com


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