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Half marathon #5 complete

ING complete

It was not my best time, but I had an interesting time. I among many things, I spent the weekend in Miami with a few of my closest running friends.


This race was one of the 2013 official Black Girls RUN! races. It’s great to hang out with running friends.

Bart Yasso and me

I got to meet Bart Yasso at the ING Miami Marathon expo. During the expo he shared some really good tips and even gave me a new takeaways when running long distances. It is so simple to think that about breaking up the race into smaller segments. So, for me I typically break it up into three mile increments until mile nine. I get a one mile reprieve and at mile 10, there’s just a 5K to go.

The course is super flat and beautiful. The temps went up pretty quickly after the race gun going off at 6:15 a.m. But I’m not complaining. Who wouldn’t love to come to South Florida in January when most of the country is freezing?

One thing I learned about the course is that a flat course may not be the course for everyone. I may not like hill work or running rolling hills, but I know they are important.


Last but not least is the cool bling. It’s my first race medal that spins.

Do you have any tips you took away after your last race?